VIEF 2022 - BAC NINH [ Bac Ninh, VN ]

 09/Nov/2022 - 11/Nov/2022

Entering the 4.0 era requires a huge change in high-tech devices that are based on semiconductor materials and components. Investment in R&D is the leading issue in finding new directions for the Electronic Materials (semiconductor) industry. It can be seen that research institutes and universities around the world (KAIST, MIT…) are making positive changes to develop semiconductor devices (semiconductor devices), semiconductor circuits (semiconductor circuits), etc. racing 3-F semiconductor technology or FinFET (FET - Field-Effect Transistors: field-effect semiconductor) to introduce and design INTEL's chip design process; NANO fiber semiconductor technology – a potential solution for the creation of next-generation chips; Quantum computers use silicon semiconductor processing…

VIEF is the prime Electrical and Electronics and semicon event (Electronics Trading, Assembly & Manufacturing technology, monitoring & equipment) that gathers an international congregation of electronics manufacturers, semiconductor and equipment suppliers to showcase and supply to BAC NINH and the surrounding region, the fastest growing electronics & manufacturing industrial zone in Vietnam.

VIEF will be staging the specialized high profile event Electrical and Electronics and semicon (Electronics Trading, Assembly & Manufacturing technology, monitoring & equipment)  The showcase of VIMF related fields:

- Capacitors, electronics;

- Turning resistors, electronics;

- Microprocessor circuit, Electronic board;

- Electronic tube, Electronic link;

- Integrated electrical circuit;

- Bipolar tubes, transistors, related dividers;

- Inductive part (inductor, coil, converter), type of electronic components;

- Electronic crystal production and crystal assembly;

- Manufacture of solenoids, switches and converters for electronic components;

- Semiconductors, production of refined and semi-refined substances;

- Production of interface cards (audio, video, control, network);

- Manufacture of display components (plasma, polymer, LCD);

- Manufacture of light-emitting diode (LED) lamps;

- Producing printer cables, display cables, USB cables...

Today, the success of the semiconductor industry has become the main driving force of the electronics industry; Semiconductors have become indispensable materials for many electronic devices as well as social infrastructure and actively support daily life. Semiconductors are fundamental components in digital devices, making up the tiny and microchips in electronic components found in devices such as smartphones, self-driving cars, even even artificial intelligence technology or data centers... Especially, in the process of global scientific and technological development, the semiconductor industry is increasingly proving to play an important role in contributing to the creation of new steps. outstanding progress. Advances in semiconductor technology have helped optimize the system, reduce device size, save energy, contribute to environmental protection, and provide safe and quality life.

At the upcoming VIEF, we will hold presentations and dialogues at the Production Connection Conference where leading experts and speakers will present and discuss the core elements of the Power industry - Electronics and semiconductors are connected for industries. A central question will be, how connectivity in manufacturing can best contribute to increasing economic competitiveness in production automation.

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